Spray Tanning and More in Abilene, TX

As the best tanning salon in Abilene, we are proud to offer a number of tanning packages to suit all our clients. Choose from traditional tanning or sunless spray tanning. Take a look at the following section to get a better sense of what we offer at our innovative facility.

Levels Of Tanning
Best Tanning Salon Abilene, TX
Level 6 Bed - Matrix
  • TanAmerica Matrix L33, 33 lamp (620w-1000w HP)
  • 15 min. max time
Day Spa Abilene, TX
Level 5 Bed - Ultrabronz Supernova
  • UltraBronz Supernova 21 lamp (1000w HP) 
  • 24 min. max time (12 on each side)
Spray Tanning Abilene, TX
Level 4 SunCapsule
  • SunCapsule 60/9 60 lamp (200w VHR)
  • 9 min. max time
Tanning Salon Abilene, TX
Level 4 Bed with Facial Tanners
  • TanAmerica 42/3 42 lamp (160w VHR w/3 facials)
  • 15 min. max time
Best Tanning Salon Abilene, TX
Level 3 Leg Tanner
  • Legacy Leg Tanner 36 lamp (85w Reflectors)
  • 10 min. max time
Spray Tanning Abilene, TX
Level 3 Bed
  • TanAmerica 4200 42 lamp (160w VHR)
  • 15 min. max time
Tanning Salon Abilene, TX
Level 2 Bed
  • TanAmerica VIP Gold 34 lamp (100w HO Reflectors)
  • 20 min. max time
Sunless Spray Tanning
Our facility also offers the VersaSpa System, a full-body Spray Tan that allows you to select from a combination of solutions that will bronze and hydrate your skin. Clients feel comfortable thanks to the innovative open-air design, which utilizes high quality sunless solutions and state-of-the-art comfort technologies. In the end, your skin will have a golden tan, moisturized and completely rejuvenated.

Best of all, this system only takes a minute to complete! 
Spray Tanning Abilene, TX

Introductory Tanning Salon Packages

Available for all six levels of tanning starts as low as $20.95

  • Two Weeks of unlimited tanning
  • Bottle of tanning lotion
  • Eyewear
If you’re interested in learning more about any of our tanning options, all you have to do is call (325) 672-1016. Our knowledgeable team would love to tell you more about our innovative tanning technology.
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